Bed Sheets

Bed Sheet Fundraisers Work!

Lets face it. Fundraisers are anything but Fun. Don’t waste your time on nickle and dime fundraisers. Our Bed Sheets equal REAL RESULTS and BIG PROFITS! Earn up to $20 per set of sheets. Sign Up Now and we will show you how.order-form-for-web

10 Particpants can Raise $6,000 in less then 2 weeks.

50 Participants car Raise over $15,000 in less then 2 weeks.

100 or more particpants can raise over $30,000 in less then 2 weeks.

Don’t go back to raising $500 with time consuming car washes and bake sales. 🙂

Sign Up today and we will even provide you with a great prize program for your sellers!


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