checkmark2We Print High Quality Cards That Your Group Will Be Proud To Sell.Lanesville Art for Circle

checkmark2We Handle All Of The Merchant Work.

checkmark2No Money Up Front. All Cards Customized With Your Logo And/Or Schedule.

checkmark2We Offer A Prize Program To Motivate Your Group.

We Payout At least 50% on Our Standard Card Program. We have many options. Call for details.
Minimum Order: 100 cards sold on our $20 Card.
200 cards sold on our $10 Card.

Example Profit Key

# of Participants Cards Sold/Participants Cards Sold Your Profit*
20 10 200 $2,000 profit
30 10 300 $3,000 profit
50 10 500 $6,000 profit
75 10 750 $9,000 profit
100 10 1000 $14,000 profit


*Your Profit based on Cards Sold at $20.00 a piece.
*Minimum Card Order of 100 cards on $20 cards
*200 Card Minimum on $10 cards.
*Prize Package May Slightly Change Above Numbers.


Free Delivery – Our pricing includes FREE SHIPPING.
We will have your cards to you by your need by date.
Allow 4 to 6 weeks for completion. Our low minimum orders allow any size group to make a profit.


How It Works

Step 1:
Order your Cards by calling 1-812-301-1444

Step 2:
Confirmation Phone Call. We will call you to confirm shipment.

Step 3:
Sell for 10-20 days and Collect All Money and Unsold Cards.

Step 4:
Make Your Payment to Momentum within 21 days of delivery.

Step 5:
Easy, spend your hard earned cash!

*Once you are done selling Cards, you can simply call us to assist you. We are here to help.


Call 1-812-301-1444


Merchant Wish List Form

Do you have some local favorites you want us to include on your card? We will contact any business you request. We have been doing merchants for over 10 years. So don’t worry, we will contact all the obvious ones. Just give us a list of ones we may not think of. Email your list to


Need More Details? We will be happy to assist you with all the info!